How to Start a Logo Design Business?

Starting a logo design business requires you to have artistic skills, business knowledge and proper equipment. The various types of designers existing in the market include those who specialize in website, commercial products, printing and other graphic uses, home and business interiors, industrial machinery and other disciplines. You have to decide which design industry interests you and then conduct proper research into the business and technical aspects required to run the company. It takes time to create a client base as you will require to show your expertise through past work samples, sell ideas and follow up with projects with accepted techniques, methods and design tools of the industry.

  • Acquire design training. While formal training is not a prerequisite to beginning a logo design business, you should be familiar with current techniques, processes, technologies and business skills that will provide you with a competitive advantage.
  • Develop a business plan for your design business. You can prepare a business plan yourself by researching about it on the internet if you want to save some money. You can also hire a business consultant to develop a business plan through his expertise.
  • Get financing for your logo design business through a bank or use your own personal funds. If your personal funds are not sufficient to start a company, then you have to apply for a loan through the bank. To get the loan from the bank, you will require submitting professionally prepared business plan and your personal information.
  • Purchase or rent a workspace for your business. You should have a work space that is sufficient enough to keep the design equipment and also have some kind of conference room or waiting area for your clients.
  • Develop an online portfolio of your work. You have to keep your prospects informed about your work so regularly updating your website is very important.

To start a logo design business, you are required to have artistic skills, business knowledge and proper equipment. Some steps needed in the inception of the business are acquiring design training, developing a business plan, getting financing to run the business, purchasing or renting a workspace and developing an online portfolio of work.


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